how to plan an affordable event with get blog

how to plan an affordable event with get blog

Welcome to the get Blog, your go-to source for creating amazing events on a budget! Whether you’re planning a birthday party, a wedding, a corporate event, or any special gathering, we’ve got the best tips, strategies, and insights for you. In this ultimate guide, we will help you explore creative and cost-effective ways to make your event memorable without breaking the bank. Let’s get started on making your event a huge success!

Setting Your Budget: The Foundation of a Great Event

The first step in planning a budget-friendly event is setting up your budget. Knowing how much money you can spend will help you make smart choices for every part of your event. Here’s a detailed guide on how to set and manage your budget:

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Define Your Budget Limit:

Start by deciding the total amount of money you can spend. This is your budget limit. For example, if you have $500 for your event, you might decide to spend $200 on the venue, $150 on food, $100 on decorations, and $50 on entertainment. It’s important to figure this out at the beginning so you can plan your spending.

Split Your Budget into Categories:

Break your budget into different categories. Common categories include the venue, food, decorations, and entertainment. By dividing your budget, you can see how much you can spend on each part of your event. For example:

  • Venue: $200
  • Food: $150
  • Decorations: $100
  • Entertainment: $50

This helps you stay organized and ensures you don’t spend too much in one area.

Keep Track of Your Spending:

Use the budget tracking tools on to manage your expenses. These tools will help you see how much you’ve spent and how much you have left. This is crucial for sticking to your budget and making adjustments if needed. For instance, if you notice you’re spending too much on decorations, you might need to cut back or find cheaper options.

2. Choosing the Perfect Venue: Affordable and Fun Options

Finding a venue for your event can be one of the biggest expenses. But don’t worry! There are plenty of budget-friendly options available. Here are some great ideas:

Community Centers and Parks:

Community centers and parks are excellent for hosting events on a budget. Community centers offer a lot of space and are usually inexpensive, making them ideal for indoor events like parties, meetings, or small gatherings. Parks are perfect for outdoor events such as picnics, birthday parties, or casual get-togethers. Plus, they often have beautiful settings and plenty of space for games and activities.

Host at Home:

Hosting your event at home is one of the most cost-effective options. You can turn your living room, backyard, or garage into a fantastic event space with some creativity. For example, you can use your backyard for a barbecue or a garden party and your living room for a cozy indoor gathering. This option saves you from paying for venue rental fees and gives you more control over your event.

Local Libraries and Schools:

Local libraries and schools often offer event spaces for rent at very low prices. Many libraries have meeting rooms or event spaces that are perfect for smaller gatherings, such as book clubs or study groups. Schools sometimes rent out their spaces for community events or fundraisers. These locations are usually clean, welcoming, and budget-friendly.

3. DIY Decorations: Make Your Event Special Without Overspending

Decorations are a big part of any event, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your event look great. Here are some DIY decoration ideas that are both fun and inexpensive:

Make Your Own Centerpieces:

Centerpieces are the decorations you put on tables. You can create your own using simple items like mason jars, candles, and flowers. For example, fill a mason jar with fresh flowers or place a candle inside for a charming table decoration. You can find mason jars at thrift stores or reuse jars you already have. Adding a few flowers or colorful beads can make your centerpieces look beautiful without spending a lot.

Create Your Own Banners and Signs:

Designing your own banners and signs is a fun way to personalize your event. Use craft paper, string, and stencils to make designs for your event. For instance, you can create a “Happy Birthday” banner using colorful paper and fun shapes. You can also make signs for different areas of your event, like the snack table or the photo booth. Using recycled materials like old newspapers or fabric scraps is not only budget-friendly but also eco-friendly.

Stick to a Theme:

Choosing a theme for your event can make decorating easier and more enjoyable. A theme helps you decide on decorations and activities. For example, if you choose a beach theme, you can use seashells, sand, and blue decorations to create a beach-like atmosphere. A theme also helps you find affordable decorations that fit your idea.

4. Affordable Catering: Delicious Food Without Breaking the Bank

Food is a crucial part of any event, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are some tips for catering your event on a budget:

Potluck Style:

A potluck is a fantastic way to have a variety of foods without covering all the costs yourself. Ask your guests to bring a dish to share. This way, everyone contributes to the meal, and you get a variety of foods for your guests to enjoy. You can also create a signupsheet to keep track of who is bringing what, ensuring you have a balanced spread of dishes.

DIY Catering:

Another great option is to make the food yourself. offers many easy and tasty recipes you can use to prepare your own meals. Cooking your own food can save you a lot of money compared to hiring a caterer. You can make simple dishes like pasta, salads, or sandwiches that are both delicious and budget-friendly. Plus, it’s fun to cook for a group and allows you to customize the menu to your liking.

Food Trucks and Local Vendors:

Food trucks and local vendors can be a fun and affordable way to serve food at your event. Food trucks often offer a variety of tasty options and can be a unique addition to your event. They might cost less than traditional catering services. Supporting local vendors, like small restaurants or food stands, is also a great way to provide great food at a lower cost and contribute to the local economy.

5. Fun and Affordable Entertainment: Keep Your Guests Happy

Entertainment is a big part of any event, but you can keep it fun and budget-friendly with these ideas:

DIY Photo Booth:

A photo booth is a fun activity for guests and you can make one yourself! Set up a simple backdrop and gather some props, like funny hats or glasses. Use a camera or a smartphone for taking pictures. A DIY photo booth provides a chance for guests to take funny or memorable photos and is a great addition to any event. Create a fun hashtag for the event so everyone can share their photos online!

Make Your Own Music Playlist:

Instead of hiring a DJ, create your own music playlist for the event. Choose your favorite songs and use a music streaming service to play them. You can create different playlists for different parts of the event, like a relaxing playlist for dinner and a dance playlist for later. A custom playlist is a fun and cost-effective way to provide great music for your event.

Host a Karaoke Night:

Karaoke is a fun activity that everyone can enjoy. Rent a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app on your smartphone or tablet. Set up a little stage area where people can sing their favorite songs. Karaoke is a great way to get everyone involved and have fun. You might discover some hidden talents among your guests!

Plan Some Games:

Games are a great way to keep everyone entertained at your event. Organize board games or outdoor games like cornhole or giant Jenga. These games are inexpensive and provide hours of fun. Games also help guests interact with each other, making your event more enjoyable for everyone.

6. Event Favors and Gifts: Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Guests

Showing appreciation to your guests is a nice way to end your event. You don’t have to spend a lot to make these favors special.

Homemade Favors:

Make your own event favors like homemade candles, baked cookies, or handmade crafts. These personalized favors are thoughtful and affordable. For example, you could bake cookies and put them in cute bags with a thank-you note. This option is also more sustainable than buying mass-produced items.

Digital Keepsakes:

Share photos or create a thank-you video to send to your guests after the event. Digital keepsakes are a cost-effective way to offer a memorable experience. You can create a photo album or a short video recap of the event and share it through social media or email.

Creative Wrapping:

Wrap your favors using recycled materials like old newspapers or fabric scraps. This is an eco-friendly way to present your gifts and helps you save money. You can also use craft supplies you already have at home to decorate the wrapping.

7. Post-Event Activities: Reflect and Plan for the Future

After the event, there are a few important things to do to make the most of your experience:

Collect Feedback:

Ask your guests for feedback on how the event went. You can do this through surveys, emails, or by simply talking to them. Feedback helps you understand what went well and what could be improved for future events.

Analyze Feedback:

Look at the feedback you received to see what worked and what didn’t. Use these insights to improve your future events. For example, if guests enjoyed the food but thought the music could have been better, you might want to focus on music choices for your next event.

Send Thank-You Notes:

Send thank-you notes to your guests, sponsors, and volunteers. This is a nice way to show your appreciation and keep good relationships for future events. A heartfelt note or a small token of appreciation can go a long way.

Share Your Experience:

Create a report or write a blog post about the event. Share what you learned and what you enjoyed. This can be a great way to document your event and offer helpful information to others.

8. Marketing and Promotion: Getting the Word Out About Your Event

To make sure people know about your event, you need to promote it effectively.

Use Social Media:

Promote your event on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Social media is a free and powerful way to reach a large audience and keep your guests informed. Create eye-catching posts, share updates, and interact with your audience to build excitement for your event.

Try Email Marketing:

Send out invitations and updates about the event through email marketing services like Mailchimp. This is a great way to reach your guests directly and keep them updated on the details of the event.

Put up flyers in community centers, libraries, stores, and other local spots. Local advertising is a cost-effective way to reach people in your area and get them interested in your event. You can also ask local businesses if they would be willing to help promote your event.

9. Leveraging to Get ThriftyEvents.Net Blog

Join the Get ThriftyEvents.Net blog community for more support and ideas.

Join Forums and Discussions:

Participate in forums and discussions on . Share your ideas and get advice from other event planners. It’s a great way to learn from others’ experiences and get new ideas for your own events.

Read Blog Posts and Articles:

Check out the latest posts and articles on our blog. We cover a wide range of topics, from DIY ideas to advanced event planning strategies. Our blog is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their event-planning skills.

Learn from User Stories:

Read stories from other users about their successful budget-friendly events. These stories offer inspiration and practical tips that you can apply to your own events. Learn from their experiences and find new ways to make your events great.

10. The Digital World of Event Planning: Modern Tools and Technologies

Explore advanced technologies and tools to help with your event planning:

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality:

Discover how AR and VR can enhance your event experience. These technologies offer exciting ways to engage your guests and make your event stand out. For example, you could use AR to create interactive decorations or VR to offer virtual tours of your event space.

AI and machine learning:

Learn how AI can help with event planning tasks like guest management and personalization. AI tools can provide recommendations, automate tasks, and help you manage your event more effectively.

Digital Libraries and Multimedia:

Utilize digital libraries for resources and multimedia for creating engaging presentations. These tools are valuable for planning, promoting, and running your event.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency:

Incorporate energy-efficient appliances and sustainable practices into your event planning. Use eco-friendly products and methods to reduce your environmental impact and promote a greener event.


At the blog, we’re dedicated to helping you plan amazing and budget-friendly events. With our tips, strategies, and resources, you can create a memorable experience without spending a fortune. From setting your budget to choosing the right venue and finding affordable entertainment, we have everything you need for successful event planning.

Explore our blog for more ideas, and join our community to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in event planning. Whether you’re organizing a small birthday party or a big corporate event, is your ultimate guide to planning a fantastic event on a budget…READ MORE


What is the ?

Get is your go-to resource for budget-friendly event planning. We offer tips, strategies, and ideas to help you plan memorable events without overspending.

How can I create a budget-friendly event?

Start by setting a clear budget, choosing affordable venues, and using DIY decorations. You can also ask guests to bring food and use free or low-cost entertainment options.

What are some cheap venues for hosting events?

Look for community centers, local parks, or even your home to host events. Libraries and schools also often have inexpensive spaces available for rent.

How can I make my own event decorations?

You can make your own decorations with craft supplies like paper, string, and glue. Try creating centerpieces, banners, or using recycled materials for a unique touch.

What are some affordable entertainment ideas?

Consider a DIY photo booth, a homemade music playlist, or karaoke for fun and budget-friendly entertainment. You can also organize simple games for your guests to enjoy.

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