Nikke Advise Guide: Mastering Bond Levels and Maximizing Your Journey

Nikke Advise Guide: Mastering Bond Levels and Maximizing Your Journey

Nikke Advise Guide, welcome to your ultimate guide for “Goddess of Victory: Nikke”! Are you ready to become the best player in this fantastic mobile gacha game? Want to learn how to build stronger Nikkes, get the best rewards, and enjoy the game like never before? Whether you’re new or have been playing for a while, this guide will help you with everything from bond levels to special game modes. Let’s get started on your journey to victory!

What is “Goddess of Victory: Nikke”?

“Goddess of Victory: Nikke” is a mobile gacha game where you lead a team of amazing android soldiers called Nikkes. Set in a world after a big disaster, you fight against enemies, uncover new stories, and explore a rich and exciting game world. You can play on both iOS and Android devices, making it easy to jump into the game at any time. Your main goal is to build a powerful team of Nikkes, complete missions, and win battles. Ready for an adventure? Let’s dive in!

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How to Play “Nikke”

In “Goddess of Victory: Nikke”, you get to recruit Nikkes with different skills and abilities. Your team will face various enemies in each level, and you’ll need to use the best strategies to win. The game uses a gacha system, where you can spend in-game currency or gold tickets to get new Nikkes and gear. By playing different missions and challenges, you can earn rewards and upgrade your team. Understanding how to play will help you get the best Nikkes and enjoy the game more!

The Advise System: How to Build Strong Bonds

What is the Advise System?

The Advise System in “Goddess of Victory: Nikke” is a fun feature that lets you interact with your Nikkes. You can chat with them, answer their questions, and give them gifts to become better friends. Building these friendships, or bond levels, makes your Nikkes stronger and gives you more rewards. As you earn bond points, you can raise your bond level, which improves their stats and unlocks new abilities and side stories. This system helps you get the most out of your Nikkes and enjoy the game even more!

How to Use the Advise System

To use the Advise System effectively, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Command Center: This is where you start advising your Nikkes. Think of it as your base where you manage your team.
  2. Answer Questions Correctly: During the advise sessions, you’ll get questions or scenarios. Answering them right will earn you bond points. More points mean higher bond levels.
  3. Give Favorite Items: Each Nikke has favorite items. Giving these items helps you get extra bond points and makes them stronger.

By following these steps, you’ll improve your bond levels and make your Nikkes even better!

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Bond Levels

Here are some easy tips to help you get the most out of your bond levels:

  1. Learn About Your Nikkes: Each Nikke has unique likes and dislikes. Find out what your Nikkes enjoy and make sure to give them those things. This will help you earn more bond points.
  2. Chat Every Day: You can advise your Nikkes a few times each day. Make sure to use all these chances to keep your bond levels growing.
  3. Get the Answers Right: Look up the best answers for the advising questions online. Many other players share their answers to help you out.

By following these tips, you’ll boost your bond levels faster and make your Nikkes stronger in battles!

How to Recruit and Collect Nikkes

General Recruit Banner

One way to get new Nikkes is through the General Recruit Banner. Here, you can use in-game money or gold tickets to try to get new Nikkes. This banner includes a variety of Nikkes from different classes and rarities, so you might find some amazing Nikkes for your team. Check this banner regularly for new opportunities!

Friendship Recruitment Banner

Another way to recruit Nikkes is through the Friendship Recruitment Banner. You earn friendship points by playing with other players. You can use these points to get new Nikkes from this banner. It’s a great way to expand your collection without spending extra in-game money!

Special Banners

Special Banners are available for a limited time and often include rare and powerful Nikkes. These banners usually come with special events or updates, so watch for announcements to make sure you don’t miss out on these chances!

How to Make Your Nikkes Stronger: Items and Upgrades

Collection Items and Gear

To make your Nikkes stronger, you need the best gear and items. You can get these from missions, events, and the general recruit banner. Equip your Nikkes with high-quality gear to boost their stats and improve their performance in battles. Better gear means stronger Nikkes, so keep upgrading!

Burst Abilities and Skills

Each Nikke has special burst abilities and skills that can help you win battles. As your Nikkes level up, you can upgrade these abilities to make them more powerful. Knowing how to use and improve these skills is key to mastering the game and winning tough battles.

Moving Forward in the Game

Levels and Phases

As you play “Nikke,” you will face different levels and phases. Each level brings new challenges and tougher enemies. Make sure your team is ready by equipping the best gear and using the right strategies for each level.

New Episodes and Side Stories

Playing new episodes and side stories will give you more of the game’s story and extra rewards. These stories expand the game’s world and give you valuable items and bond points. Explore these side stories for extra fun and benefits!

The Command Center: Your Main Base

Upgrading Your Infrastructure Core

The Command Center is where you manage your Nikkes and plan your strategies. Upgrading your Infrastructure Core in the Command Center unlocks new features and benefits for your team. Improving your base gives you better tools and options for your adventures.

Using the Advise Feature

The Advise Feature in the Command Center is your main tool for building strong relationships with your Nikkes. Regularly interact with your Nikkes, answer their questions correctly, and give them their favorite items to keep growing your bond levels.

Special Modes and Features

Liberation Mode

Liberation Mode is a special part of the game where you can free enemy-controlled territories. It offers unique challenges and rewards, making it a fun way to test your skills and earn extra prizes.

The Pity System

The Pity System helps you get a high-rarity Nikke if you’ve tried many times without success. It’s designed to make sure you get good recruits eventually and not get stuck without high-rarity Nikkes.

Connecting with Other Players

Join the Community

Being part of the community can make the game more fun and rewarding. Join a guild, take part in events, and use the friendship banner to meet other players and enjoy the game together.

Follow on Social Media

To stay up-to-date with news, updates, and tips, follow the game on social media like Facebook and Instagram. The official pages share the latest information and help you connect with other players.

Tips for New Players

If you’re new to the game, here are some easy tips to help you get started:

  1. Build a Core Team: Start by creating a strong main team of Nikkes that you can use for most of the battles you will face.
  2. Do Daily Tasks: Completing daily missions is a great way to earn rewards and gather resources. Don’t miss these daily chances!
  3. Explore the Game: Take time to check out all the different features and game modes. Understanding these will give you a big advantage as you play.

Advanced Tips for Experienced Players

Perfect Your Team

For experienced players, it’s important to perfect your team by trying out different Nikke combinations. Find the best team setups for each challenge and enemy.

Master the Gacha System

Learn how to master the gacha system by watching for special banners and events. This will help you get the best Nikkes and build a strong collection over time.

What’s Next for Nikke?

Upcoming Updates and Features

The game is always adding new updates and features. Stay tuned for news about new episodes, characters, and game modes to keep your adventures fresh and exciting.

Share Your Feedback

Your thoughts can help improve the game! Share your feedback and join discussions to help make “Nikke Advise Guide” even better for everyone.


Now you know how to master bond levels, use the Advise System, and enjoy “Nikke Advise Guide” to the fullest! By following these tips and exploring all the game has to offer, you can build an awesome team, get the best gear, and stay ahead of the competition. Keep up with updates, connect with other players, and, most importantly, have fun on your journey to victory…READ MORE

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